Friday, January 16, 2009

The Empty Nest!

It’s gone! Left home!

My little manuscript, all bundled up, with its lunchbox full of meaningful prose, backpack full of plot and suspense, gone. It walked out of my computer and made its way to the publisher. It was so quick – an attachment, a few answers and the click of the enter button.

It’s grown up so fast. It seems like only yesterday when I was staring at a blank screen, when the first couple of chapters were coming into their own, when my plot took its first tentative steps.

Oh those sleepless nights! Oh those sick days with contagious writer’s block! But now its gone. No point perusing over old drafts, regretting scenes that were cut, ideas never added.

But neither is it time to sever the ties. There is still a long process of book size, cover, images, style … And it’s time to seriously lay out a marketing plan.

Oilspill dotcom has left home and is on its way into the big, wide world. I hope it will travel widely, make many new friends (preferably the book-buying type), and even create a reputation for itself.

Bon Voyage – Oilspill dotcom.


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